Sea Cargo

CUSMODE are predominately specialists for customs clearance for sea freight. Your cargo be it loose, containerised, or break bulk we are here to help. If you are a commercial importer or exporter, it’s a requirement from New Zealand Customs that you must use a licensed customs broker, to lodge your clearance documents to Customs and Bio Security. For your Sea cargo we can offer a full range Customs broker service covering:
  • EDI report, Inward, or Outward Cargo reports and other standard Import Customs clearance including low value Customs clearance including personal effects.
  • We will clear all your entries, live and Realtime
  • Customs duty, GST, and processing for clients
  • Duty drawbacks, application of concessions
  • Tariff classification and advice and liaising with Custom
  • TSW support services
You may need a client code. Please contact us for more details if you are not sure.