New Zealand has very strict compliance and controlling procedures to control its borders. All importers and exporters should follow these procedures.

Types of products that are risky as per MPI are given below.

Any food – cooked, uncooked, fresh, preserved, packaged, or dried.

Animals or animal products – including meat, dairy products, fish, honey, bee products, eggs, feathers, shells, raw wool, skins, bones, or insects.

Plants or plant products – fruit, flowers, seeds, bulbs, wood, bark, leaves, nuts, vegetables, parts of plants, fungi, cane, bamboo, or straw, including for religious offerings or medicinal use.

Other biosecurity risk items – including animal medicines, herbal medicines, biological cultures, organisms, soil, or water.

Equipment used with animals, plants, or water – including for gardening, beekeeping, fishing, water sport or diving activities.

Items that have been used for outdoor or farming activities – including any footwear, tents, camping, hunting, hiking, golf, or sports equipment.