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Cusmode Customs is a one stop shop for all your Customs and MPI clearances. We are a professionally qualified Custom Brokers with an in-depth knowledge & experience in imports, exports, customs, bio-security clearances and other related services in your next import or export. At times Customs and MPI clearances could be time consuming; We will share with you our 12 years’ experience to make this process smooth, still cost effective.


Customs Clearances

We are predominately in the Customs clearance business. We will guide through you Customs clearances in any ports in NZ.

Bio Security Clearance (MPI)

We are specialists in biosecurity Clearance and assist Clearance for goods coming into New Zealand by air, sea, or mail .


We provide all-inclusive of transportation including container cartage, project cargo and over dimensional loads and small freight .

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Why People Choose Us.

  • Professional Service

    Our service is unique. Either you are a large importer, Exporter or a one-off client we treat will look after you equally. If you are new to import, export we will guide from the beginning end including setting up your own Supplier Code or a Client code. We will link your entry to direct to New Zealand Customs through TSW, Cusmode or our internal software. For all Bio Security (MPI) we deal directly with MPI web portals. We will strive hard to exceed your expectations and requirements while maintaining statutory requirements as it is.

  • Rewarding Experience

    We need to make your experience rewarding and pleasant. We will go extra miles to make this experience a rewarding one. We are aware sometimes Customs and MPI clearance will be a challenging experience as Customs and MPI needs to make sure that we do it right form the starch as not only Customs and MPI but its all of us responsibility to protect our borders.

  • Competitive Rate

    For our all new and existing Customers our rates are very competitive and will continue to be very competitive. We don’t have hidden charges, but we will openly communicate with you and answer all your questions. If you have quotes from other please forward us we will do our best not to beat our competitor but to offer you a realist figure , just to make you another satisfied Customers.



Ombudsman announces new OIA inquiry

The Office of the Ombudsman announces a new inquiry.

Good clearance fees from 1 June 2020

Changes to Customs fees for clearing imported and exported goods will come into effect on 1 June 2020.

Tobacco excise increase on 1 January 2020

The annual indexation increase to excise and excise-equivalent duty rates together with a separate 10 percent increase will take place on 1 January 2020.

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